Want to Host a Dreidel Tournament?

Want to host your very own dreidel tournament?  That's Great!  Here are some suggestions:

  • Check gambling control laws in your state/locality to ensure that a dreidel tournament is legal.  You may also want to consult a rabbi or other official regarding halachic restrictions. 
  • Feel free to use the rules posted to this web site, provided you include a citation.
  • You will need dreidels and some kind of tokens to be used as gelt.  We suggest poker chips. 
  • We recommend plastic dreidels over wooden ones as they tend to be less biased.  At any rate, players should be able to share dreidels so no one player has an advantage.
  • If it is a charity event, drum up some prizes and/or sponsors from local businesses and/or members of your community.  It's amazing how generous people can be if you just ask, usually in the form of a letter that includes your tax exempt ID number.  It's easiest to get prizes from businesses that do not require out of pocket expenditure.  Check our prizes page for ideas.  Be sure to send thank-you notes to your donors.   Alternatively, if it is legal in your area, you could put the entry fee towards a prize pot. 
  • Get between 4 and 444 people together with some food and drink and have fun!


Frequently Asked Question

May I call my event the "World Series of Dreidel"? 

Not in 2009.  We may consider permitting other well-organized fundraising events for non-profit Jewish organizations that meet certain requirements to use the trademark in accordance with specific policies, in the future.  In exchange, we would share best practices and guidelines for successful events, and welcome your input as well.  This is to ensure the integrity of the trademark and its continued exclusive use as a symbol of quality.  If you are interested and would like some guidance in this regard, please contact us

That said, you are welcome to use these rules for a charitable or non-profit fundraising event, provided you let us know about the event and who you are, and include the following citation with the rules:

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